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These are resources that I found helpful for understanding skin cancer. Among topics discussed are the causes of cancer, growth influencing mechanisms, and practical treatment strategies that can be adapted for skin cancer.

One Answer to Cancer
One Answer to Cancer by Dr William Kelley. This book was first written in 1967 and has helped thousands of people overcome various cancers over many years. It provided the basic concepts and several strategies for this web site based on the critical relationship between pancreatin enzymes and cancer.~500kB.  Kelley's work was later scientifically validated and extended by Dr Gonzalez.

John Beard and Ernst Krebs, Jr
John Beard and Ernst Krebs, Jr Links to the scientific research papers of these early pioneers of enzyme therapy for cancer. Krebs went on to investigate amygdalin or Laetrile.

Stem Cells
Stem Cells: A Primer All about stem cells. The theory presented on the Topicalinfo web site maintains damaged stem cells rather than normal cells become cancerous.

Natural Killer Cells vs Mouse Trophoblasts
Natural killer cells  This 2002 paper helps establish that natural killer cells are an effective way to kill the trophoblast cells of pregnancy. The theory presented on the Topicalinfo web site links cancer with trophoblast-like cells arising from damage to stem cells that are scattered throughout the body.

Current Cancer Research and Analysis
The Life Extension Foundation has a comprehensive scientific resource section for cancer. Visit before you see a doctor to be able to ask the right questions concerning treatment options. Proponent of CLA and melatonin cancer research. 

Medical news on skin cancer from Medpage Today

Fats and Skin Cancer
Polyunsaturated Oils and Cancer will make you think twice about using margarine because studies show that common vegetable oils suppress the immune system and promote cancer growth. In this last century there has been an unprecedented dietary change from saturated fats to polyunsaturated fats and oils – and cancer rates have soared.

Fats & Breast Cancer has implicating information about trans and polyunsaturated fats that should also apply to skin cancer.

Skin cancer studies on mice points at the combination of sunlight and polyunsaturated fats being necessary for skin cancer. Also reports that a "grazing diet" is much worse than fixed meals with regards to skin cancer incidence. Finally, PABA based sunscreens are not effective at preventing skin cancer.

Heart disease and cancer prevention advice that questions current accepted wisdom about  fats and cholesterol and their relationship to heart disease and cancer.

Skin Cancer Photos
Photos of different types of skin cancer all on one page.

Pictures of malignant lesions of all types

Skin Cancer Facts and Statistics
Fact sheet for skin cancer from the American Academy of Dermatology In 2004, the total estimated direct costs associated with the treatment for non-melanoma skin cancers in the US was $1.5 billion. If there were 1.2 million cases in 2004, the average cost to treat each skin cancer was about $1250.

The Skin Cancer Foundation says the disease is the #1 cancer in men over age 50, ahead of prostate, lung and colon cancer. In the past thirty years, skin cancer incidence has tripled in women under age 40.

American Cancer Society's pamphlet shows that an estimated 11200 people will die of skin cancer this year in the US, 8420 from melanoma and 2780 from other skin cancers.

National Cancer Institute has dynamic views of cancer statistics with interactive graphs and maps

Sunscreens and Skin Cancers
Sunscreen safety Toxic qualities of the chemicals in sunscreens and how their use may lead to other problems with cancers. 

Sunscreens And Cancer  Review of the evidence linking the use of sunscreens to an increased risk of melanoma and skin cancer.

Microscope Pictures of Cancer Cells
Photos of individual cancer cells This one requires a couple of clicks to see individual cancer cells but is worth it. Search the image database using keyword "cancer". Check out the tentacles!

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) MSDS sheets and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for other substances are available at these and many other sites:

Pancreatin MSDS also provided information that alcohols and acids destroy pancreatin.

Ammonia MSDS Check before considering topical treatments containing ammonia

d-Limonene MSDS to consult for topical treatments containing orange oil or limonene

Citrus Oil (d-limonene)
This report on limonene contains the collective views of an international group of experts of the safety and benefits of citrus oils

Prevention and Therapy of Cancer by Dietary Monoterpenes discusses the multiple mechanisms of d-limonene in the chemoprevention and chemotherapy of cancer with 64 references (1999)

Cancer Causing Substances
Carcinogens Known things to avoid that can initiate cancer.

Ames Test Description of the commonly used test for carcinogens.

Heat Treatments for Cancer
Hyperthermia Fact Sheet Skin cancer tumors are accessible, potentially making hyperthermia an easy to try option using heating pads, hot water baths, saunas, or infrared radiation.

Burn prevention information to consider regarding heat treatments.

This site lists foods that leave acidic or alkaline ash  Pancreatin enzymes used for cancer control are effective over a limited pH range. An acidifying diet may also impair the function of the pancreas that produces these enzymes.

Here are more good charts rating foods affecting the acid-alkaline balance. Want a strongly alkaline food? Eat a watermelon.

Article on lactic acidosis lists medications that may lead to this acute condition

Popular high protein diets may result in acidosis and increased cancer risk.

Saliva Acidity Tests
Saliva and urine acidity tests anyone can perform and expected results. has many alternative cancer treatment and prevention ideas. This page describes a simple saliva acidity test.

Nutrition in Food
Nutrition Data Lookup extremely detailed nutrition content of foods including protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins, amino acids, and minerals.

World's Healthiest Foods with diets for diseases including cancer, recipes, and scientific information about nutrient content of foods.

The Anti-Cancer Diet and other articles focused on diet. With recipes and diet advice that should be helpful for cancers.

USDA Food Consumption Data vs Time shows trends in food use with fascinating custom plots.

Flax & the Budwig Diet
Budwig Diet  Details of the simple diet featuring flax oil and cottage cheese that has cured even terminal cancers.

IP6 and cancer: How IP6 and inositol inhibit the growth of cancer.

IP6 and iron overload:  IP6 can remove excessive iron stores in the body that are linked to many diseases including cancer.

Minerals in the Body
Cancer and minerals including calcium, selenium, zinc, and copper. Especially interesting discussions on mineral balances. Lists symptoms of mineral deficiencies and excesses.

Amalgam-Related Illness Symtoms and suggestions concerning mercury exposure and common health problems arising from resulting impaired immune system function.

Vitamins, Herbs,  and Supplements
Linus Pauling Institute Micronutrient Information Center offers scientifically accurate information regarding the roles of vitamins, minerals, other nutrients in preventing disease and promoting health.

Nutritional supplements Summaries of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbal extracts.

Well researched reports on medicinal herbs and other alternative therapies for cancer from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

Vitamin C and Lysine
Stopping Cancer Naturally The Rath protocol using vitamin C, the amino acids lysine and proline, and EGCG from green tea to prevent cancer from spreading.

Ellagic acid
Ellagic acid Info on this cancer fighting chemical found in berries.

Cancer Self Help Sites
Alternative Cancer Treatments Information Center Comprehensive strategies for fighting all types of cancer. Good discussion and links for topical skin cancer salves including Cansema, bloodroot, and zinc chloride. This is the "cancer tutor" site.

A.P. John Institute skin cancer page explains both conventional and some alternative treatment options. This page also details a cancer diet protocol called CAAT designed to control amino acid intake. The result is to shut down the cancer cell metabolism while keeping normal cells and tissues functioning well.

Wellness Directory of Minnesota Amazing resource with perhaps longest list of alternative treatment options for cancers including skin cancer.

Second Opinions fulfills its mission of exposing dietary and medical misinformation. This link points to the cancer related files with a section on skin cancer. Again, the dangers of "healthy" polyunsaturated fats are presented and the benefit of sun exposure is noted. Lots of references, lots of other diseases, and fun to read.

Electroherbalism: Rife machines and zappers All about bioelectronic devices and their use in alternative medicine. (My experience with a zapper was thumbs down.) Free online copy of Dr Hulda Clark's book The Cure for All Diseases

Annie Appleseed Project Extensive cancer information from a patient's perspective

Alternative Cancer Therapies from the Cancer Cure Foundation, capsule summaries of alternative and conventional cancer treatments.

Selected Relevant Skin Cancer Studies
Increased Cancer Mortality Following a History of Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer shows an increased risk for other cancers after a skin cancer diagnosis JAMA. 1998;280:910-912.

Fatty Acid Composition of Red Blood Cell Membranes and Risk of Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Skin provides further evidence that elevated polyunsaturated fats increase skin cancer risk and that cell membrane composition is influenced by diet. Also saturated and monounsaturated fats decrease skin cancer risk. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 2005;14:906-912.

Health Risk Calculators

Melanoma Risk Assessment Tool  An interactive tool to help predict the risk of invasive melanoma

Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Osteoporosis, and Stroke Risk Assessment  Find out your risk of developing five of the most important diseases based on the latest scientific evidence concerning disease risk factors.

Reynolds Risk Score New calculator for women's heart disease and stroke risk based on age, smoking status, blood pressure, cholesterol, C-reactive protein, and family history. Easily see the risk impact of controlling cholesterol or blood pressure (less influence than you might think considering the media attention). 

Skin Cancer and Health Directories
Open Directory listing for skin cancer  Good, mostly conventional overviews of skin cancer diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

Yahoo Skin Cancer Directory  Links to think like a dermatologist

Skin Cancer Directory Includes links to skin cancer pictures and skin cancer symptoms.

Cancer Site Finder Searchable database of reviewed skin cancer related websites with descriptions Health Directory and Resource Health Directory and Health Insurance Resource - Health directory and fitness resource.

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