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Skin Cancer Healing: What To Expect

The healing process involves two things: Killing the cancer cells and cleaning up the mess as that happens. Killing only the cancer cells and not normal cells at a rate the body can detoxify and eliminate is the ideal goal of the skin cancer treatment strategies. It is usual with pancreatin based treatments, if cancer is present, to feel worse, even much worse, for a least a couple of days before feeling better. This is because it is often easier to kill the cancer cells than clean up the mess. If the cancer cells are killed at a rate that the liver cannot process fast enough, a person will feel poorly, perhaps notice a yellowish tinge to the skin, perhaps the appetite will disappear, perhaps will have a low fever. If the cancer cells are killed at too slow a rate, of course the cancer will not seem to improve. Slow but steady is probably the best course but requires patience and some toleration of occasional malaise.

The use of skin applied treatments for cancer is a huge advantage for rapid and effective skin cancer healing.  Every cancer treatment (including surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, immune system stimulation, and nutrition) requires some type of access to the cancer site. Natural cancer treatment choices usually are forced to work through the digestive system.  The oral delivery system has the disadvantages that medicines and nutrients become easily filtered by the liver and diluted by spreading to other parts of the body. Topical treatments can completely bypass the digestive system, targeting only the cancer site with much higher doses than could ever be achieved with oral treatments alone.  There are many examples of potentially effective topical cancer treatments given on this web site to consider. Although it is possible that people have experienced complete natural skin cancer healing without topical treatments, it is much more difficult to accomplish.

I thought of the treatment process as a way to reverse time, such as each day I carefully observed the key strategies brought me back several days in time. The point is the healing process can greatly outpace the cancer growing process but it still takes time. If a person has had skin cancer problems for a couple of years, it may take several months to completely heal. This way of thinking also enables one to ride out occasional slips that will happen and probably should happen if you are really alive. Nevertheless, these are not difficult strategies to adopt as general lifestyle changes. Although the treatment process may or may not end up being long, ongoing progress is very encouraging and should be continual, noticeable, and measurable.

Regarding skin cancer healing, here is what I noticed. The first thing that happens is the area around the lesion welts or swells. The experience with the swelling can be frightening but seems to be unavoidable. Swelling always seems to precede substantial progress. It then becomes defined within this welt and turns a darker brown. The surrounding area may look darker like it is bruised. I think these are some of the dead cancer cells being carted off by the blood to be processed by the liver. After three or so days of this, the swelling diminishes and the lesion gets smaller in about a week. Probably this is dependent on the amount of cancer in the body. I felt bad at times for the first week. If I felt bad, I stopped supplementing any additional pancreatin until I felt better several hours later. The lesion may look like a scar for a few days. Despite my obsession with checking the mirror, no one commented that my looks were changing because the changes were actually fairly subtle and gradual.

There are difficult aspects of natural skin cancer healing that I noticed. The swelling phenomena is a prelude to healing but it may seem like the treatment process is making matters worse instead of better. The area that swells can be much greater than the size of the lesion and may connect with other lesions.. Another difficulty is that the amount of cancer present may be greater than is initially recognized. In addition to lengthening the treatment period, a swelling blemish that is not recognized as skin cancer may seem like the treatment process is spreading the cancer instead of healing. The speed of the treatment process can be slow so that it really requires lifestyle changes. I found I was very alone in this healing process and it was a test of faith for me. I am fortunate that I believed in God and knew His plans for me were in His control or I probably would not have had the courage and willpower to get through this on my own. I knew that if I needed to see a doctor He would have made it happen because it was apparent to me that He was leading me through this for some reason. Much of the uncertainty was due to a lack of information. Hopefully what I have written will make it somewhat easier for other people.

The best feature of natural healing in my experience is the feeling of being back in control. Scarring is minimal like one would expect with a bacterial infection the same size. What happened in later weeks was also incredible. I lost weight despite eating all I wanted except for proteins and dairy products. I found my blood pressure was lower. My skin looks healthy and the lesion I was originally concerned with disappeared within two weeks. These changes are hopefully permanent because I plan to change from the way I lived before as a proteinaholic. What I thought was a healthy eating pattern before simply was not healthy. I especially plan to be conscious of the amount of protein I consume and the timing of when I consume it. I am thankful to God for these changes and this healing. I hope others have as much success.

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