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 Skin cancer topical treatments
 A Scientific Approach
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Posted - 04/29/2007 :  17:15:54  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
It is clear that this message board can and is becoming an extremely valuable tool for people that must deal with skin cancer. This is a place where people all around the world can come to learn, share and discuss ideas and experiments in finding the fastest and easiest way to
overcome skin cancer tumors.

I got to thinking when Fforest posted on bloodroot and how painful it is that it might be wise of us, especially those who have used bloodroot or other tried and true "solutions" (can't say cures) to put together a technical manual / alternative approaches to skin cancer eradication handbook that would be a work in progress. Once developed it could be posted here online and in PDF format for download. It would be a work in progress.

I would like to invite Dan, Fforest, JohnMalkovich, and any others who have succesfully overcome skin cancer with non-conventional methods contrary to cookie cutter western medicine to join this group and build this handook.

This is Dans website and it is clear it is with sincerity that he has made this available at no monetary gain to his self. If this idea is not something he wants to do then we won't do it. If Dan is OK with this I will post an e-mail address where people that are of like minds seeking to find a one size fits all skin cancer cure can work together to define the criteria for documentation and collection of data for the handbook.

I will await Dans response here.



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Posted - 04/29/2007 :  21:18:38  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I think you have a good idea..
The world of skin cancer treatments is a mess....

The problems as I see them are...#1 Dermatologist..Most dermatologist are cut and burn doctors,who cant work outside their box,and look down on you if you try any thing diffrent...Despite this some times they may offer the treatment that might be right for you..

#2 There seems to be a number of advanced treatments that are only offered in limited places that seem to hold a lot of promise...The treatments might not be covered by insurance and might be very expensive,,,

#3 There are the alternative treatments you can do yourself...These treatments can be broken down in to 3 category's...
1 the things that people say are good but do nothing,
2 the things that help but will not cure skin cancer by themselves.
3 The things that work for sure...

Plus there are the internal and external category's of things you can do to to treat skin cancer....

It would be a real job to organize this information in a easy to understand format but I think it could be done....
People being able to post their responses to a individual treatments I think is very very helpful....
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Posted - 04/30/2007 :  02:16:08  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Tom & Forest, I like the idea too. Were you thinking of a prioritized summary table, a cheat sheet, or something more elaborate?

I think it would be helpful to have some type of a running summary scorecard from the forum responses. The little data we have is from our experiences and the people who contribute here. For example, we "know" bloodroot works, Sunspot sometimes works, and raspberry skin cream so far hasn't worked. But the number of people confirming any alternative skin cancer treatment so far are way too small.

For all I have learned, I can not say I know a clear path to curing skin cancer. These skin cancer forums so far have been very helpful and I hope the success snowballs. The forums may eventually become conclusive if enough very motivated people (those with skin cancer) can try the various treatment ideas as well as communicate other new ones. But it will take a lot more people to get involved.

Anyway, I am willing to help with a handbook. Also any feedback on the existing website is always appreciated. Maybe it needs a good scrubbing.

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Posted - 04/30/2007 :  10:03:24  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
One thing is for sure.....we don't know it all, or maybe we don't even know much about effectively treating skin cancer. I do like the idea of compiling data, and had thought a little about it as well. There definitely does not seem to be many posts that point to a conclusive "this works" strategy or product.

But, many heads are better than one. And between the many folks that are beginning to post on Dan's forum, maybe a few conclusive cases and strategies or products will emerge.

A compilation of each individuals strategies and successes/failures could be of great benefit. IMO a listing of such things as....

-changes in diet/nutritional supplements added or deleted
-topical products tried, and on what kind of problem
-success/failure related with a product
-length of time product used
-pain and scarring description associated with a product
-description of skin issue (size, shape, location)
-was skin issue biopsied and diagnosed as a cancer or was it merely assumed a cancer (and from our previous experiences many may know a cancer when they see it) or was it just a precancerous area

....would be beneficial. I read other's posts and wonder how the spots I am treating compare. Are certain cancer manifestations more topically treatable? Do the flat scaly BCC's treat better than a raised "pearly" bump BCC? Is it easier to be more aggressive treating one on the chest or arm as opposed to the face?

I am certainly willing to share and contribute anyway that I can. Anything is better than the wounds that I have had the honor of paying for from the MD.
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Posted - 04/30/2007 :  12:01:14  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Dan I have a idea that might help people get clear on the different treatments...
You could make a new section listing all the different treatments..The first post could be info about the product and links to the product or treatment...
People could then add their experiences with the product and treatment with the follow up posts..

New products and treatments could be added as needed..

This new section ( message board)could be split into 2 sections....1 being treatments or medications from doctors...2 could be treatments and medications you could do or take at home...

I think this could be a quick and easy way to put all the info in some kind of order...Rocco has some good ideas that are a bit more in depth and in time I think could add a lot... Just a idea
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Posted - 04/30/2007 :  23:26:06  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Fforest and Rocco

I am still waiting for Dan to give the thumbs up to this idea.

The problem I see with the topic for each solution on this BBS and then post following is that a lot of misinformation and questions will be placed there.

The handbook would be something that would cover all the topics and would continue to be be a work in progress by the commitee.
As I have read through this site and others I continue to learn and gain more knowledge of our imune systems and ways to help it above and beyond just a topical treatment.

Still I question how poorly our immune systems really are working. I rarely get colds and get over them very quickly. The idea that those of us that get skin cancers immune systems are in poorer shape than people that don't get skin cancer to me is questionable. Nevertheless the intestines and colon represent well over 70% of the immune system so keeping them healty and clean can't hurt.

The probable fact is that 95% ( I'm just pulling that out of the air as a guesstimate)of people afflicted with actenic keratosis. Basal cell carcinoma and squamus cell are fair skinned people of Euro decent.

Melanoma is the killer and most of us with AK's BCC's and SCC's don't get melanoma.

BTW being able to identify what you have is important and a good place to start for people new to this (though you won't find any alternative therapies there) is

Fforest I received the sun spot es and am using it on several AK's and a couple problematic BCC's so far so good... It reacts a bit different than Curaderm and seems to be getting somewhere that curaderm wasn't ( though still the same active ingredient."devils apple") perhaps a stronger solution. Time will tell
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Posted - 05/01/2007 :  05:07:43  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The problem with treating skin cancer is it is not a exact science..
What seems to work best is layering in a few different treatments..
I would treat a cancer on my face much differently than a cancer on my leg..
I do not think there is a easy A,B,C treatment plan,..Plus BCCs and SCCs can be quite scary if you have never had them before...

Unless people get fed up with the dermatologist run around they will not be very motivated to learn on their own any ways...
So I do not know the best way to put the information together...The more people that can share their experiences the better...

Edited by - fforest on 05/01/2007 05:10:36
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Posted - 05/02/2007 :  22:59:13  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Tom, I like the skin cancer handbook idea but honestly it sounds very difficult. Is there something smaller we can start with to see how it goes? Another possibility is for you to mold the project the way you want it in an early stage, and we can then build on it from there as a group. I think you have done a lot of research and together with your personal experiences you would have the core of a handbook that would be very useful to others.

I like your observation about the immune system. I think you are right that you can have outstanding resistance against sickness yet be much worse than average against skin cancers. Then it's back to the controversies what causes really cancer: parasites, insufficient pancreatic enzymes, acidosis, too much insulin, iron overload, mercury overload, etc. It seems incredibly complicated, but probably will be simple in hindsight when we figure it out.

There were several other good ideas in this thread regarding the forum organization that I will be looking into. I've already changed the sticky on the topical forum.

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Posted - 05/03/2007 :  10:43:28  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks Dan for you endorsement. BTW I sent an e-mail to you at your yahoo e-mail address re: moderator activation.

Let s begin with being able to communicate

Not sure if it is just me but I am pretty much unable to e-mail anyone via this BBS. I get a script error when I try to e-mail through this system.

Specifically for this site I have created a gmail e-mail address

Mine for now is (Dan if you want this one you can have it) If you don't have a gmail account e-mail me and I will send you an invite. If you aren't already aware, Gmail is very handy, gigs of storage and is a free email service provided by google

E-mail me there if you want to participate in putting this information together.
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