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T O P I C    R E V I E W
nrsratchett Posted - 08/21/2007 : 16:52:31
Where can one purchase this ointment? I have called several stores to no avail. Can anyone help?
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robbiethegood Posted - 07/15/2017 : 10:10:52
I just treated the wife about insect stings, she was gardening and was bitten.
I passed on a box of Cymilium to a friend too, he was attacked by a swarm of
bees last week.
That's what it's really designed for, to treat insect stings.

However, it's full of enzymes, and they can break down proteins, that's why
it can be useful against skin cancer.

What puzzles me is that the sachets don't seem to be consistent.
Some really sting when applied and others, I don't feel anything.
robbiethegood Posted - 07/15/2017 : 09:50:15
I do find Cymilium to be a good product but for healing it's best on little superficial things.

If you have big horrible things with roots, it won't go deep enough.

On the deeper tumors, I used it to expose them, then I needed the firepower
of Black Salve to really attack them.
Dougrun Posted - 08/25/2015 : 17:13:20
giving this a shot today. so far, no reaction at all. My lesion is almost healed in the center but has a red circle of skin around it that wont go away. A few red blood spots present as well. I'm pretty sure curaderm will burn it off but thats my last resort. Wanted to try this first.

edit: washed it off after an hour, no reaction at all.
Dougrun Posted - 07/24/2015 : 09:05:58
I got my shipment yesterday, its going in my reserve list of things to use if my other treatment fails. So far my dmso+sodium ascorbate treatment killed my outer tumor and made an good crater on my scalp indicating it went deep, now just healing slowly as the tissue rebuilds, i'm doing a 6:1 (6 days of lotions and resoaking 1 day) currently. Some color looks to be returning but the ring of redness surrounding it remains so far. Looks best right after a shower.
sixftlion Posted - 08/24/2013 : 16:10:45
Dave, I read the entire book about Curaderm and all the possible articles, website and everything I got my hands on. I was prepared that the lesion will get worse as all cancer cells will be found and destroyed. I stayed very disciplined and cleaned it twice a day, just as I was supposed to. I always believed that I will succeed if I stay with it to the end. I was in touch with one of the Curaderm representatives and she was the most helpful person you can imagine. I sent her my pictures and she sometimes even contacted the research team to see if everything is going well. What was a bit discouraging for me when the secondary lesion showed up when I was supposed to be almost done. Well, well... I had to remain patient even a bit longer. I think often people give up too early, they get scared when the lesion looks worse and then they stop. They never get rid of all the cancer cells to the last end.

Originally posted by Dave2001

Originally posted by sixftlion

I posted here 2 years ago when I was treating my BCC with cymilium, it looked like it healed, but not really because it came back and was getting slowly worse. I got it biopsied. Then I decided to try Curaderm BEC5. I just posted a post to the Curaderm thread: but wanted to post one here too so people who see my post from 2 years ago would have an idea what has happened with my BCC. Here is the YouTube video of my daily progress during my treatment, for almost 5 months:


Congrat, you are really brave.
Specially given that after several weeks the lesion actually looked worse and improved only much later.
Didn't you think that you'll have a crater on the face if curing process takes too long and how did you know when to stop?

Dave2001 Posted - 08/24/2013 : 14:02:34
Originally posted by sixftlion

I posted here 2 years ago when I was treating my BCC with cymilium, it looked like it healed, but not really because it came back and was getting slowly worse. I got it biopsied. Then I decided to try Curaderm BEC5. I just posted a post to the Curaderm thread: but wanted to post one here too so people who see my post from 2 years ago would have an idea what has happened with my BCC. Here is the YouTube video of my daily progress during my treatment, for almost 5 months:


Congrat, you are really brave.
Specially given that after several weeks the lesion actually looked worse and improved only much later.
Didn't you think that you'll have a crater on the face if curing process takes too long and how did you know when to stop?
gloe Posted - 05/09/2013 : 11:18:33
I started using cymilium about 9 days ago.

This thread is old so I will update folks on cymilium. I ordered 3 boxes and the cost was just under $80 with postage. They sent my order first class mail (without my requesting it) and I received my order less than a week afterwards. (I live in NJ).

I had previously tried vit C paste but I could not stand the pain. The trouble spot is on the side of my nose; very small but definitely a recurring problem. I don't want to go near a derm doc.

While wating for my order I used orange oil plus coconut oil just once per day in the morning.

In addition to the spot on the side of my nose. I have (or had) a pencil eraser sized area of redness on the top of my nose. It's been there a long time. So I have been treating 2 spots with cymilium. The spot on the top of my nose is already much smaller. It does not bleed but stings a little after I apply the cymilium.

The lesion on the side of my nose is now very red -- a much larger area than I thought was the lesion has turned red. Part of it started bleeding after several days of cymilium. The area has swelled up a little.

I am using the cymilium twice a day, morning and at night. I wash my face with a mild soap before each application. I really put a good sized glob on the area on the side of my nose. I don't care how it looks if I have to go out; I am sure treatment with surgery would look much worse. Let people stare -- so what.

I have been using about one foil packet a day. I might start using more because now with the bleeding area I think I want to wipe it all off and reapply fresh cymilium more often. Even with the part of the area is now an open wound with bleeding, the cymilium stings for only a very short period of time after application. The pain is nothing like the vit C paste.

Also want to add that I eat a very pure diet -- no junk/prepared foods; no sugar. No white bread (bread is a prepared food), no white rice etc. I hardly eat any grains at all (sometime a little organic brown and red rice mix) -- mostly just lots of fresh fruit and veggies, mostly raw and mostly organic. Organic eggs and a little meat, but for protein mostly beans I cook myself from dried beans. Nothing that comes in a can or a box.

I take lots of expensive vitamins, including pretty large doses of vit D with K2. Please read up on this before you take this stuff. I take both the MK-4 and MK-7 forms of vit K2, since it is unclear which form is better. Dr. Mercola's website has info about vit D and K2.

Last but not least, I am taking large doses of pancreatic enzymes on an empty stomach (between meals and another dose when I wake up in middle of the night.) I am taking 10 capsules of Allergy Research Group pork pancreas each time. This is what a well-know alternative cancer doctor uses with his cancer patients. (And yes, it is expensive to take so much.) I take them 5 days "on" and 5 days "off". If I do not get good results, I will lengthen the number of "on" days.

I also do detox procedures. There is alot of information about cancer treatment with pancreatic enzymes on the internet. Anyone with a serious long term problem needs to take seriously what their body needs to be healthy and overcome the problem.

There is also the Gerson treatment of cancer -- lots of freshly made veggie juice all day and lots of coffee enemas. It doesn't help everyone. Again, lots of info on the internet and some books you can get (like at

One can also look at Dr. Schulze's products. I think the web site is Google it; you will find it. His products are expensive but very good quality. He has an "incurables" program, with lots of different detox products.

I am not a doctor and am just telling you what I am doing and other things that I am aware of. Use any info here at your own risk.

Will let you know how it goes with the "cymilium +" routine.
sixftlion Posted - 04/27/2013 : 20:59:37
I posted here 2 years ago when I was treating my BCC with cymilium, it looked like it healed, but not really because it came back and was getting slowly worse. I got it biopsied. Then I decided to try Curaderm BEC5. I just posted a post to the Curaderm thread: but wanted to post one here too so people who see my post from 2 years ago would have an idea what has happened with my BCC. Here is the YouTube video of my daily progress during my treatment, for almost 5 months:

evienyc Posted - 06/14/2012 : 14:32:49

Has anyone here tried both Cymilium and Petty Spurge? I have been reading through these boards and so far deduced that they both worked for more people than the other things posted here and/or they had less risk of pain and/or scaring and/or recurrence.

I have a bcc on the side of my nose that is recurring after it was biopsied 5 years ago with "clear margins". I really don't want to have Mohs as the dermatologist is recommending. So I grew some Petty Spurge which now has little plants that are about 5 inches tall. Is that big enough? I don't want to break the stem of one only to find it's too small for sap. I have about 7 little plants...

While I was waiting for the Petty Spurge to grow, I bought some Cymilium.

Which should I try first? Any recommendations? Which has the shortest recovery?

Thanks to you all who post here.
ron52 Posted - 05/15/2012 : 14:47:38
I am new to this forum. I have been dealing with scc for about 3 years now. I just resently learned about cymilium, so, I decided to try it and see how it works. I bought 2 boxes and applied 1 packet to my neck 3 times a day. After 9 days, I didn't see much of a change, other than redness and swelling. I called the company and talked with the man there and told him. I described my situation. I have one buldge on the side of my jaw, a little larger than a golf ball, taped to my face. On the other side of my neck I have the size of half a tennis ball. With a couple of smaller bumps in between. After describing this, the man told me that I wasn't using near enough cymilium, since one pack takes care of an area the size of a dime. So, I started using 3 packs on my neck 3 times a day and I'm starting to see better results. Slow, but at least I see a difference. Have any of you guys had to deal with something this large? Before it started showing on my face, it started in my throat. Will the cymilium reach back into my throat as well? I also use pancreatin enzymes during the down time while I wait for more cymilium. Posted - 03/01/2012 : 15:23:40
I just started using Cymilium on SCC which started with Keratoacanthoma (large benign tumors) on my legs. I had them for a couple of years and they would go away but I had a couple show up that grew quickly and seemed to be getting larger than the others so I bit the bullet and went to the dermatologist. Still waiting on the pathology report, but Dr. said he is 99% sure it's SCC. I have high hopes that the Cymilium will work since I don't have insurance and paid $551.00 to have two cut off, haven't even received a pathology bill. Spoke to someone at Cymilium who told me the lesions all seem to respond at different rates so not to get discouraged. I live in Florida where the company is located and I received the 4 boxes I ordered in 3 days.
TIsmalltown Posted - 01/09/2012 : 10:10:31
This message is for everyone but I'm hoping Rocco in particular will see it, because he was talking about this problem. I found a raised, reddish-pinkish nodule on my leg a few years ago and finally last year realized it was some kind of skin cancer. With great luck I found petty spurge growing in my backyard (freakish ... since I couldn't find it anywhere else around here!).

The spurge lit up a huge area around my leg, and once I learned how to use it, burned an area almost five or six inches in diameter to the ground, leaving purple patches of cell necrosis behind. Very effective and satisfying. The problem is, the original nodule is still there ... smaller, but there. I know it's not dead because I can feel twinges from it from time to time, and it's still a bit raised, and has a tiny, slightly crusty top to it. The spurge won't kill it, no matter how many times I apply, the old Rising Sun cancema jar I have from years ago won't touch it (in fairness, that has never reacted to any of the cancer). Now I'm trying a hodge podge of coconut oil, peroxide and iodine.

So in short I wondered if anyone else had this experience of eliminating large fields of cancer with ease but having trouble getting totally rid of the original raised, reddish nodule, and if so, how did you do it?
marsha Posted - 01/04/2012 : 10:31:42
I had a sc biopsied, she took a big hunk out of the side of my nostril. It healed over. Then I used curaderm on it for a bout 6 mo. finally it healed over, while still using the cream. (The hole went so deep I thought it was going to go all the way through the nostril.) I think that was about 4 years ago, but that spot has had no reacurances. I am now using curaderm for a few difrent spots on the top and side of my nose. I have used it for a year straight.Ive had a few sections that have healed.But I have been using it 3 times a day, not 7 because of the pain.Then my daughter died so I think the added stress has not helped.
nhearn Posted - 01/02/2012 : 17:39:46
I am wondering if anyone has tried cymilium with squamous cell carcinoma? If so, can you please share your experience. Most of the posts here are regarding bcc. I had a sqc surgically removed several months ago and it clearly did not work (scar is itching and sensitive) so I am looking for an alternative. I am also wondering if anyone knows if it would be alright to use the cymilium on the scar where I believe the sqc still exists. (I am doing all kinds of internal dietary and supplementation also). Thanks.
Quercus Posted - 11/20/2011 : 20:27:07
I would re-enforce Dan's remarks on orange oil. One thing to also mention is do not apply it to a cotton ball and leave it on your skin for long periods of time. It will burn and blister. Even the NOW product will. I have a spot on my upper arm that I had been treating with Sun Spot ES. The SS ES had removed most of it, but there was a part that still was not healing. I used the orange oil and it stung for a bit, but dried. I decided to try keeping it on for a longer period. Took a small piece of cotton and a drop or so of orange oil. Put it on the spot with some dmso and taped it in place. This was a big no no. After a period of 7 hours I removed the tape. The entire area was bright red and the area where the orange oil was concentrated had blistered. The orange oil is deceptively strong stuff.
srbernz Posted - 07/28/2011 : 15:45:37
Just to clarify...after reading your previous responses again. You have used the orange oil simply to diagnose your ak's and bcc if the stinging is present when you apply it. Then you use the cymilium to treat them...correct
How long do you typically treat with cymilium?
srbernz Posted - 07/27/2011 : 16:30:42
In your experience did the orange oil work well on the ak's. Im afraid I have quite a few of those? And what is your typical treatment suggestion for an AK using orange oil, how mant times a day and for how many days/wks? Thanks again!
dan Posted - 07/01/2011 : 00:49:11
srbernz, orange oil is available in health food and vitamin stores (GNC, Vitaminshoppe). The active ingredient is d-limonene. I have also used organic d-limonene concentrate cleaning products (That Orange Stuff) topically. There are also d-limonene supplements available. Probably the easiest to find brand of orange oil is from NOW foods. I did use orange oil on large areas after I was familiar with its effects and had gained confidence in it. It takes several weeks of the skin looking worse before it gets better. I would start very slow if I were trying it for the first time. Every orange oil product will have a label warning to avoid skin contact so research it well before trying it.
srbernz Posted - 06/30/2011 : 10:19:28
Where can i get the orage oil? And do you feel like treating a large area like the chest or back is effective? Did it imporove your skin. I suspect my chest and lower back will be a problem in the future if I dont do something now.
Thank you again for all you knowledge and input! You have been a tremendous help!
dan Posted - 06/30/2011 : 01:08:52
Srbernz, I have only had one official BCC and that was on the side of my forehead in 1996. The last time I saw a derm was in 2001 with an unbiopsied SCC in the center of my forehead. At the time he said I should expect a lot of problems with my skin, and he was right. I have had skin cancer/ AK troubles on my face, top of head, neck, and back. My chest looked OK but reacted strongly to orange oil so I followed through treating that also with the orange oil. Thanks to God, things appear to be much better for me these past few years. I guess at least some of the cancer prevention measures eventually kicked in. I do see a regular MD at least yearly, basically to get blood pressure pills, but skin health has not been an issue.

BBirdz, Cymilium is a little dangerous near the eyes because it is highly alkaline (ammonia is its main ingredient) and can cause permanent damage if it contacts the eye. It is a good idea for any topical treatment to always have running water available to flush the eye for several minutes if necessary. sixftlion has a good report with pictures in this thread using Cymilium near the eye. I have had success both with my own homemade pancreatin cream and Cymilium.
BBirdz Posted - 06/29/2011 : 12:44:03
I have been reading the forum since May and am very excited about the potential of natural treatments. I am growing some very healthy petty spurge plants right now but they won't be ready for at least a month. I have what I believe is a bcc growing right above my lip- maybe spreading to the lip. I also have some suspicious spots on my eyelid and near my eye. Because of the danger with petty spurge near the eyes I am thinking about using cymillian there. I'm wondering if you or anyone else has tried it near the eye or if there is another recommended treatment for there? Also have you (or anyone else) had good success using your own pancreatin cream? I ordered all the ingredients and thought I'd try it. Thanks for your help Dan and for the great service this blog provides.
srbernz Posted - 06/29/2011 : 10:22:19
If you dont mind me asking dan, where have your bcc's been? I have only the one on my back but im sure more to come. And do you typically confirm yours are gone with a biopsy or visit to the derm? I am avoiding the derm if i can for fear that they will find 20 thinggs the size fo a pimple to cut on. And sadly I dont think they will encourage using a natural remedy? Do you go to the derm youself?
dan Posted - 06/29/2011 : 00:38:59
Thanks srbenz! The indicator is the delayed sting from the orange oil will be absent when the skin cancer is gone. It is a fairly subjective test but the stinging is usually not subtle. The idea would be to continue treatments for a couple of weeks beyond the disappearance of the sting. I feel the time delay between application and the onset of stinging tells about the depth of the cancer. So as treatment progresses I would expect the delay to get longer. I think orange oil works better as an indicator if used occasionally rather than as a treatment by itself, but using it as a treatment is possible too. I used orange oil uncovered and usually rinsed the skin after the stinging subsided. I applied orange oil once or twice a day as a treatment with occasional rest days as needed.

I have had good luck with cymilium and other topical pancreatin mixtures. I think cymilium works faster than orange oil which also worked for me, probably including AKs. I have not tried vitamin C topically but some people have had success with it.
srbernz Posted - 06/28/2011 : 08:50:07
Hey Dan, thanks so much for the timely response. I guess my next question is how do I know or what is the indicator that i have gotten all the cells during this treatment. And how many times a day would you suggest applying the oil? Covered or uncovered? Do you think orange oil is effective for AK's as well. One last this as effective or similar to Vit C?

A lot of questions, but I really appreciate your input! I have found this site to be reassuring and so helpful!
dan Posted - 06/28/2011 : 00:44:57
Hi srbernz, welcome! It is possible that cancer can be missed by any type of treatment. For example, normal skin cancer surgeries are 62-95% effective and Mho's surgeries are about 97-99% effective. With basal cell carcinoma, any missed cancer cells are most likely to remain in the local area. According to there is a 0.0028 to 0.5% chance it could become metastatic. (I just felt like looking this stuff up.)

Topical treatments for skin cancer do have risks. We are always open to other ideas, but topical orange oil seems to be the best indicator we have found so far. This is how it works for me. I apply orange oil topically to a suspected site and if it stings after about a minute or two I consider it to indicate skin cancer. Any stinging will dissipate after about 25 minutes. Orange oil has some very good qualities. Orange oil is inexpensive (~5 US$), has terrific penetration abilities, smells good, and has a lot of studies and research behind its active ingredient d-limonene as an effective cancer treatment and cancer preventor. On the downside of applying orange oil topically as a skin cancer indicator, the stinging can be temporarily severe, its effectiveness as an indicator is unknown, some people may be allergic to it, and only a few people have used orange oil for this purpose. There's always lots of unknowns for alternative skin cancer treatments but for me the risk to reward ratio is worth it.
srbernz Posted - 06/27/2011 : 14:24:54
Hey everyone, new to this forum!..Im very encouraged by all the feedback and success. I hope you all have a had continued success and health! I have a question regarding the topical treatment on BCC. I have one on my back confirmed with a punch biopsy. It is very early stages. How can one be sure that all the basal cancer cells have been killed by the treatment and is there a risk that the cells could be deeper into the skin?

Please help, I appreciate any advice. I am on the fence about what course of treatment to do and with BCC's being so common Im sure I will have more in the future as I did way to much damage to my skin in the college years..
sixftlion Posted - 06/22/2011 : 23:44:02
Originally posted by jeffp

Any news now? wish I would have tried this as I sit here with 10 stiches in my face and prolly a 3000 dollar bill coming for Mohs and plastic surgery, next one gets this treatment

Jeffp, I just updated my post above (the Cymilium journal) with the picture after 2 months.
babzee Posted - 06/07/2011 : 15:50:16
Sorry not to have kept up, Jeff. I was just raving to my daughter about cymilium yesterday. I have never had a homegrown treatment which was so cheap and so effective. Coming up on 9 months since my bcc vanished without a trace!

Originally posted by jeffp

Any news now? wish I would have tried this as I sit here with 10 stiches in my face and prolly a 3000 dollar bill coming for Mohs and plastic surgery, next one gets this treatment

jeffp Posted - 06/07/2011 : 10:28:03
Any news now? wish I would have tried this as I sit here with 10 stiches in my face and prolly a 3000 dollar bill coming for Mohs and plastic surgery, next one gets this treatment
sixftlion Posted - 04/29/2011 : 21:41:13
Guys, here I have daily pictures/journal of two weeks of my first Cymilium treatment. It's not very pretty, so don't look if you don't like stuff like that. I am starting 3rd week now, and it is still a process.


Update: The lesion 2 months after starting Cymilium:

46.5 KB

The lesion is still there, slightly pinkish protrusion. The skin has not sealed completely, but the lesion doesn't react/burn to orange oil or anything. The discolored skin around it is (I think) from the ammonia in Cymilium, maybe I was just putting it on too large area. After the 2 weeks almost daily Cymilium in the report above, I was putting it on maybe every other day for another week, adding also orange oil, agrimony, vitamin E and Aloe Vera at night. I was careful to put anything other on the lesion (like lotions, sun tan lotions etc). It seems like each time I was on the tennis court and got some sun on it, it was getting irritated and little bit more red. So the weeks 7 and 8 I started to treat the skin like all the other, used soap, shea lotion, sunscreen, etc. It doesn't hurt on touch or gentle pull on the skin. I've been also very disciplined with my supplements and nutrition in general.
dan Posted - 12/12/2010 : 03:48:32
Hi donell, hemp oil looks promising at this point but we have not had much feedback from people that have used it. Hemp oil that you can buy legally without THC may not work because the active ingredient actually seems to be THC.
donell Posted - 12/11/2010 : 22:09:20
All these things on me look like the photos online -- at first I thought "well, maybe they look like liver spots" then I settle down and accepted they don't -- they look cancerous I have it whatever it is. I went to a free clinic last Saturday after waiting for 6 hours I went away not knowing anything. All day I went getting all the items mentioned on this site. I found a another site that mentioned hemp oil does this work?
babzee Posted - 12/11/2010 : 13:48:56
babzee Posted - 12/11/2010 : 13:46:50
Donell: Order the Cymillium at - that's the only way to get it. The cost is a fraction of a doctor's visit and you'll probably need only a small amount. Do some research to find pictures of skin cancers and see if they look like yours. That's what I did and I had Basal Cell Carcinoma. The Cymillium cleared it up in two weeks! I see traces of it again and am going to give it another round, but I have never been happier with an alternative treatment.
donell Posted - 12/11/2010 : 13:42:36
I am afraid I have skin cancer. I don't have health insurance. I found this web and will start the cymillium where do I find it? I started vitamin D, calcium and C I notice that some of the spots have lightened up a little when I started. I am afraid not to die but I am my disabled daughter only care. Please someone what else do I need to do.
dan Posted - 12/05/2010 : 01:39:15
bodymind, awesome news! I suppose we can't rule out a combo effect with the orange oil and cymilium, but regardless it is wonderful to hear about your success. Treatment success with Cymilium really highlights the importance of pancreatin enzymes to our immune system in fighting cancers, yet the prominence of those enzymes and pancreas health seems to be ignored by modern medicine.
bodymind Posted - 12/03/2010 : 20:23:42
Cymillium seems to have worked for me as well! In less than a month the bcc on my forehead is gone. I will keep it close and at hand in case another spot appears, or if there is a reappearance of the old. I knew it was worth $20 and an extra month before going in for the $2000 Mohs procedure. It's truly a shame that more people don't know, or search, for alternative options. Thanks to this forum, and a sincere inquisitiveness, there are other ways!
babzee Posted - 11/16/2010 : 14:36:53
Not even a month, Dan, and I only went through 2 or 3 packets over about 10-14 days. I was remiss about using it because I was visiting family and the lesion was on my chest just below my collarbone and keeping a big bandage there in warm weather made people very concerned. So I was haphazard with it and prepared to start over again when I got home, but I didn't need to!
dan Posted - 11/16/2010 : 01:44:05
Babzee, yeah! So Cymilium worked for you and it took about a month. Thanks for the welcome news!
babzee Posted - 11/14/2010 : 19:40:18
My friends, for anyone considering cymillium as a treatment I want to respond GO FOR IT! From my earliest posting to this forum a few months ago, I was extremely skeptical, but had no other real options. I used the cymillium rather haphazardly because I had a lot of things going on in my life, and while I could see my BSC was better, I took a couple of weeks off planning to dedicate myself to it when things quieted down. NO NEED. The carcinoma is GONE and there is no mark or discoloration to show where it was. I'm absolutely amazed and while shout this wonderful product loudly from the rooftops!!
bodymind Posted - 11/12/2010 : 22:38:36
I don't have AK, but am treating a BCC with cymilium. It take about one and a half weeks to receive it. I have used it for 4 days now on my forehead and have a definite inflammatory response. I used orange oil at first for about 3 weeks but I wasn't getting the inflammatory response that I think I read is needed. The burning is mild and short.
maugen Posted - 10/08/2010 : 21:46:31
I started Cymilium on 4 AK's on my forehead. I have applied it 3 times a day when I can. Most days are one or two. I have been using it for a little over a week. I can see them going away. Beneath the AK's the tissue looks a little like when I had a planters wart as a kid. I am hoping two weeks is the maximum I will have to apply this. It does burn, but just for a few minutes. Has anyone else used Cymilium for AK's?
trudie Posted - 10/07/2010 : 17:24:12
Babzee, I had no results whatsoever from cymilium on a BCC on my face. I have posted about it elsewhere. I wish I had had better results, but I did get it very quickly from them.
dan Posted - 10/06/2010 : 23:56:47
Hi babzee, the more airtight you can close the packet the better. Maybe try one of those metal paper clamps on the fold.
babzee Posted - 10/05/2010 : 10:29:04
My first box of Cymilium arrived yesterday and I applied the first smudge last night. The tiny paper-foil packets are quite awkward, and I want to use them to the best advantage. How do others store them and get an opened packet to last? I simply folded over the end last night but I wonder if I should wrap it in foil or a tiny ziploc bag?

My bcc is about the size of my index fingernail, and I will take weekly photographs. I have NOT had it evaluated by a doctor and am diagnosing myself based on Internet research and my experience working in medical offices for decades. (I have no access to health insurance,so experience has been spending all money to get a diagnosis and then can't afford treatment.)
dan Posted - 10/04/2010 : 01:00:52
Thanks Marlene for the Cymilium feedback! That was pretty much the way Cymilium worked for me several years ago. Do you have any idea of the type of skin cancer you treated? Mine was a SCC, and I'm wondering if Cymilium may be more effective on SCC than BCC. I was thinking at the time that treating skin cancer is easy but unfortunately it doesn't work that way for everyone.

babzee, we are glad to have you here. Hopefully the Cymilium will come soon. Let us know how it works for you.
babzee Posted - 10/02/2010 : 19:26:00
So frustrating!!! I have a USPS tracking number for my order of Cymilium which begins and ends last Monday. It's Saturday night now and NO CYMILIUM. Being shipped by first class mail -- at $7 shipping for what looks like a small package -- it should have easily made it from Florida to Atlanta GA by now, 3 times over. I know there's no point contacting the St. James-Gray people because they DID ship it, but after the last handling at the PO in Ft Lauderdale, there is no sign of it. Now it can't arrive before Monday evening, and I have avoided other treatments in order to track the efficacy of Cymilium. I have to go out of town next week and want to see results before that.

How long did it take for all of you to get your Cymilium?
Marlene Posted - 10/01/2010 : 09:48:13
I ordered one box of cymilium for a small skin cancer located just above my left knee. I began the treatment, applying it three to four times a day and covering it with a band-aid. Almost immediately the pain of the cancer lesion stopped completely. Within 8 days, the lesion was half it's original size, and within 2 weeks the cancer lesion was gone completely! It has been almost 3 months since I finished the treatment, and the area where the lesion was remains as normal healthy skin.
babzee Posted - 09/27/2010 : 15:04:05
I am counting on you folks. I have recently developed what I am pretty sure is BCC on my chest, and it's spreading slowly. I have NO health insurance and very low income, and am not eligible for any public programs. I have let almost all my medical issues slide but this one is starting to get everyone's attention.

So I found this forum (and later many others) and I've ordered Cymilium. I was worried because so many have complained about the lengthy delivery time, so I tried calling them to see if there might be an expedited shipping rate. But my call went straight to voicemail. I went ahead and ordered a box on the website, and also sent them an email telling them about my worries. Only a couple of hours later I got an email back saying that my order had been shipped first class mail and they sent a tracking number in another email.

I hope that everyone here is continuing to do well? Please feel free to share your experiences and I will tell you about mine when the stuff arrives!
Lula Posted - 06/20/2010 : 01:19:34
Hi Health.
I started to apply cymillium just 2 days ago on my BCC spot on the nose. It was a bleeding in the beginning. Now there is increased redness and swolleness around the spot.It's not that painfull but mild burning sensation. I am experimenting with the Cymillium because it used on the kids skin for incect bites, it must be safe for mature skin. I'll keep you updated.

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