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 Anivoc goes to City of Hope for help and hope
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Posted - 10/25/2018 :  12:56:00  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Well it's been a long strange painful trip to where I am today.
It's been a whirlwind of emotions as I finally reluctantly made the decision that I must get medical help in my crazy skin cancer case.

To be clear I have had some great success in ridding myself of sun damaged skin, some AK's and yes even some very decent sized Basal cell lesions...If I knew when I started what I know now it is very likely I would not be where I am ...but I didn't and I am.

I will share pictures soon, I feel obliged to though I have to say I am not to proud of what I have allowed myself to endure...They are bigger and more gross than anyone other than Hoxsey has posted here...Though hers were horrific because they were her nose mine are actually much bigger and nastier just in places where the public couldn't see them as I always wore a hat and "Quasimodo" (my little friend on my shoulder) was covered by my shirt.

So I have six lesions they are addressing though I have many small basals near them..One is Squamous ( on my cheek dang it!) and it has gone crazy these last 5 months and there was no way of hiding it...two Basals that are huge and 3 that are much smaller...

I am a poster child for the skin cancer "team" at COH not the worst they have ever seen but definitely in their top 10 club...lovely

I am being seen by a dermatologist, a plastic surgeon, a oncologist and a radiation oncologist all specializing in skin cancer tumors...the tumor board...beyond these 4 there is a small army of people who help them...

All six lesion have been biopsied twice (Oh joy!)
I have been given a PET scan and a MRI which were required because they were concerned because of the 10+ year age of some these that they may have gone to bone or lymph nodes...scary stuff..

The first doctor I saw was the plastic surgeon...I am not sure if this was on purpose but he left me aghast at the potential surgeries that could be awaiting me ...He was very surprised at the quantity of lesions I had and asked if I had ever been exposed to major radiation like Chernobyl...hmmm? Next was the Dermatologist who also was surprised at the volume of lesions but is certain it is from sun damage. She also told me to not take what the plastic surgeon said as set in stone as there were many ways to go about treating to get the best cosmetic results...e.g. Drugs and radiation therapy etc...

Next was the oncologist...Erivedge for the Basals to shrink them down to a more operable size and Keytruda just a week earlier FDA approved for treating squamous (A God send?) maybe...maybe not...
Not great odds for full remission only 20%

Next the radiation oncologist who was definitely the most optimistic...understand these visits happened over a period of days so when I saw the Radiation oncologist he had just come from a meeting that morning with the tumor board where each specialist studied my PET scans ( MRI had not been done yet) and from their diverse perspectives debated over who and how the team should go about treating me with the best overall outcome of cure and least amount of cosmetic damage..

By the time he had got to me Keytruda was out we were still going to go with the erivedge , some radiation and some surgery...

So the latest is the MRI came back that none of the basal cell cancers had gone to bone...whew...and the squamous on my cheek may have gone to my lymph node below my jaw...ugh...

Just had a needle biopsy done yesterday..results will be in a few days..."IF" it has gone to lymph node it changes the game I suppose Keytruda may be back in but not sure..

Time will tell...I haven't had this much testing done on me in my whole life...I'm not as fearful as I was when I started as the basals weren't near as deep as the plastic surgeon suspected...The squamous still has me scared but the general consensus is I can get over all of these with their treatments...which in the end are my decision as to how they go about...

As I mentioned earlier if I knew then what I know now, based upon my own experimentation and a few informative conversations with Greg Caton of Cansema fame.

Acetic acid in a 30% solution is a powerful tumor eroding substance.

Zinc Chloride is a powerful chemical that kills / exposes skin cancers to the immune system..

Guys like Caton insist the bloodroot and others herbs are essential maybe he is right but I personally have had great success with just using zinc chloride diluted to 10-20 and 30%.

I don't have Dr. Mohs recipe memorized but have it somewhere. Pretty sure it is posted here in the truth about bloodroot thread... I know he wasn't using herbs with his zinc Chloride solution when he used it to do Chemographic surgeries. He'd first abrade the lesion and hit it with trichloracetic acid to eat away the melanin and then apply the ZC solution to fixate the tumors 24 hours prior to removal. It was a painful process and required two visits to the doctor...thus in the end he found micrographic surgery faster and less painful with similar positive results..( not better )

So.... Bloodroot paste what I learned from Greg Caton..

The reason I tried to find something other than Bloodroot paste was because it was so darn painful..Now 18 years after the fact I learned from Greg that I was treating too many areas , too big of areas at one time...his advice is never try and treat more than a 1 cm / 3/8" area...makes a lot of sense...if the lesion is 3 times that size just go at it in 3 separate treatments...wish I'd known that I might of never gone off on my quest to find something else...

If I had gone about it in such a way I doubt very much I would be in the mess I am in.

With regard to acetic acid I have come up with a pretty good way to eat away lesions when they are small but when they get as big as mine are forget about it.

I have been making my own healing salve for years..6 parts olive oil 1 part bees wax..melt it let it cool and harden then run it through a fine mesh strainer..very nice salve...

I use a make-up brush and apply the 25% acetic acid direct on lesions (you can add a very diluted portion of ZC to help it along..but not necessary.)

I also make an acetic acid salve I use in conjunction with the 25% acetic acid solution...2 tablespoons of the healing salve and 1/8 teaspoon of 99% acetic acid...careful the stuff is caustic...mix it together and apply with a make-up brush...cover with micropore tape.

I also do an interesting thing using the acetic acid salve. To hold it in place I use a paper towel folded and cut sections to cover the complete lesion. I wet the cut section under the sink faucet, lay it in the palm of my clean hands and then press as much water out of it as possible. I then lightly wet it with the 25% acetic acid ( I put it in an old Clear eyes bottle) and then I coat the piece with the acetic acid salve using the make up brush..I then apply the paper towel piece that now is soaked with 25% acetic acid and coated with the acetic salve on the lesion..It burns a bit but at least for me, it is tolerable. I apply 3m Micropore tape to hold in place and leave it until next days shower... I have removed and reduced some major lesions this way but the huge ones still crept forward...

So that is all for now...I know I screwed up not going at these much harder with the bloodroot some 10+ years ago but I didn't know what I know now and I didn't...I now pay the price for that ignorance..

I will post pictures before I start this journey down the traditional medical path of treating my skin cancers...

Prayers of hope and healing are appreciated as I venture on. Oh and God , if you're listening...Miracles are especially appreciated!

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Posted - 11/16/2018 :  20:01:22  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Well 14 days since the beast on my shoulder was removed..Yeeeouch!

As mentioned it was a biggun. It was located about 4 inches down from the top of my shoulder . It started @ 6 inches right of my spine and started growing towards it over the last 10 years..It got BIG @ a total of 5" wide , 3" tall and the nodular tumor was the size of a large apricot sort of flattened out. Fortunately it did not go to bone. Because it was in a odd place the plastic surgeon had an orthopedic surgeon remove it. I have @ a 8" slice and in the middle @ a 4" x 2" oval hole where they went deep...think a smiley face with lips...The lips area is where they used a skin graft from my thigh to cover the it is concave about 1/2" deep...I have a wound vac on it 24/7 to help the graft take...

I was in a lot more pain than expected and my neck kind of tightened up to where I could barely turn my head left right or down for the first week.... Much better movement this week a little better each day..I'd say I'm at about 70% ...this really made it hard to sleep...along with the squamous tumor on my cheek that is really painful...thus pretty tired during the days..

AS mentioned previously when they did the PET scan they saw reactive tissue in some of lymph nodes.. Turned out the jaw one was my Parotid gland..right next to the big squamous..we all assumed the biopsy would come back squamous but it came back BCC..very rare...great

They did a needle biopsy later of a lymph node in my arm pit it came back negative for cancer so it was just "reactive" to the cancer in my body..

Based upon the big mess that I am they have decided to attack the remaining squamous on my cheek and the BCC's on my forehead and ear with radiation...30 days in the hole...6 weeks 5 days a week.

I am at their mercy at this point. As mentioned the pictures are graphic..I'll post links soon...definitely embarrassed frustrated with myself that I let these get so big before surrendering...and what I have learned is that even here at City of Hope where they use the word cured pretty loosely they all admit yes they will get these gone but it is very likely I will have more in the coming years...I will never let anything get bigger than a 1/2" again but I definitely will not hesitate to use zinc chloride paste or bloodroot first...gotta say this is no fun but the job just got too big and I had to turn it over to the big boys.

I am still debating on if or if not I use the erivedge as it will shrink BCC's to make them more manageable but it does not eradicate them...probably going to take the pass..

Kind of strange...The node in my parotid gland they assumed was going to be squamous but came back BCC...The big Daddy on my shoulder where the surgeon removed "BY TOUCH" not Mohs ( they take more flesh by touch)was sent in for pathology after the surgery to check the margins...margins were clean YAY! The original biopsy of this tumor came back as a BCC but the actula tumor removed came back saying Big Daddy was both BCC and Squamous.....bizzare...The doctors are still scratching their heads on this one...The tumor board meets next week to discuss...but the bottom line was the margins were clean so no further torture on the section of my body...This wound vac is battery operated but what a PITA lugging it wherever I go...and it makes a little pumping noise to boot...weird stuff...all for now gotta go to Costco! woo hoo's the little things in life...

Edited by - anivoc on 11/16/2018 20:06:13
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Posted - 12/13/2018 :  19:18:34  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Brother, I completely understand the trip to Costco! So glad to hear things are going well Tom - sounds like you are surrounded by skilled capable folks who are knocking these things out one by one! I also believe God is in this as you dodged a huge bullet with the great news of nothing in the bone. You are a warrior and I will continue to pray for your progress and healing.

If you can avoid the Erivedge - 3 doctors ago a Physicians assistant recm'd it for me and I said no after researching; my current doctor has said that it is for people who literally have a hundred or more bcc's all over. Don't think that is you. I am getting ready to go with an Efudex and calcipotriene mixture (very powerful topical chemo that will light you up) for 7 days which then the skin peels off; cancers (that you could not see before) are destroyed and gone - you are left with baby like soft skin. Will post on how that brother has already had success with this protocol.

As much as traditional medicine is flawed and often corrupt like other businesses there are some good eggs out there who truly care and are helping folks daily. Keep us updated looking forward to hearing you are restored to health and fighting the good fight - Bill

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