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Posted - 06/15/2015 :  14:41:27  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Any Info about this protocol would be appreciated,
below is from Stephen Buhner:
Here are the instructions for healing skin cancers with swertia radiata (cebadilla) root.

• Use enough of the powdered root to cover the affected area. Then. . .
• Mix the Swertia radiata powdered root with sufficient VASELINE until it is the consistency of sticky bread dough.
• NOTE: nothing else will do except Vaseline; do not use an herbal salve of any sort. The Vaseline will NOT absorb into the skin like a salve, which is what is needed here.
• Place it on the affected area, extending a bit onto the healthy skin surrounding the cancerous growth.
• Cover with a bandage, if small enough a bandaid will do.
• Leave in place for 72 hours.
• Carefully remove.
• You can, if you wish, lightly wash the area (after the tumor removal) with a cool infusion of skin herbs such as yerba mansa, juniper needle, Echinacea angustifolia, and so forth. This is not necessary but is traditionally used by curanderas in Mexico after the treatment. (They usually use yerba mansa.) This just helps the skin heal more quickly but is usually used for large skin cancers not the small facial cancers that I have traditionally treated.

Normally the facial cancer will lift off with the bandage OR will come off with only a very minor bit of probing. It should just lift off. This is a traditional Mexican curandera treatment for cancers of the skin, including large ones. I have only used it for small facial cancers.
I have not had this fail in over 20 years of practice . . . I hope it works as well for your individual circumstance.


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Posted - 07/02/2015 :  04:47:14  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi DRLarryVon

BTW are you a Doctor?

Based upon your post I have been digging through the web and am definitely intrigued but skeptical..

The way it sounds this could be a God send but I have been led to high hopes and let down before so I'll hold my opinion until I have actually tried this which I am going to ASAP..

Fingers crossed...I'll report back.

Here is an article I found from a Hopi Indian herbalist..


Many people familiar with Southwestern herbal medicine will know Cebadilla or Swertia radiate as a bitter tasting herb which has the ability to stimulate better digestion. It increases digestive juices, both in the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract. If your digestive tract has a slow transit time, flatulence abounds, and your food just seems to sit in the stomach, then Cebadilla may be appropriate. I have seen a tea or tincture of Cebadilla work quite nicely to promote better digestion. It should be taken (like most bitters) about a half hour before meals. Use the dried, chopped-up root, about a ˝ tsp per cup for tea (use the standard infusion method- 1 part herb and 32 parts water- steep for ˝ hour to 1 hour) and/or the tincture 10-30 drops per cup of hot water. Use before meals, up to two times a day.

As a wash, Cebadilla is a first rate anti-fungal. It can help many forms of fungal infections like athlete’s foot, jock-itch, and ringworm. One should use caution though, since prolonged contact may cause skin irritation.

These uses are known well enough to those who know the plant. But some recent field information may help to shed some light on a new (possible) use for Swertia radiata.

Over the last few years at Bear Creek Herbs, I have received information from a number of people that Cebadilla may have anti-tumor and anti-cancer potential.

In Southwestern New Mexico, Cebadilla is known by a variety of different names. It is called Yerba del Cancer, Raiz del Indio, and even Goldenseal. Interestingly enough, it is not called Cebadilla in this Southwestern corner of the state, but more often goes by the name of Yerba del Cancer.

I have confirmed this name to Swertia radiata, by the specimens people have brought into the store. About three
years ago, several people started to ask me if I sold an herb called Yerba del Cancer. They said that they wanted the plant to help with cancer, and that it worked really well. At first there was no match to their request, since I didn’t know of any herb that had that name. But as time passed, and more people requested this herb, I started to get a good description of it. From my experience it sounded like Cebadilla, and eventually I received a specimen from one person that confirmed this.

In three years, over 17 people have asked for it by the name of Yerba del Cancer, and all of these people wanted to
use it to cure their cancer. There were several persons who wanted the herb for internal cancer use, but most requests were for external use with cancer.

I want to share one story in particular. This story for me has made me think that there may be something to this herb, especially in regards to cancerous skin tumors. Maria informed me that her mother had used this plant with a man who had a tumor growth on his leg. The tumor was diagnosed as cancerous and had been surgically removed. But the tumor kept growing back. Several times the surgery was performed and each time the tumor grew back.

Finally, the man went to see Maria’s mother who was a known curandera. She took Yerba del Cancer (Swertia radiata)
roots (dried) and and ground them up into a fine powder. Next, she mixed this with Vasoline (petroleum jelly). She mixed the root powder into a thick paste. This was then wrapped into place over the tumor growth. It was left on for three days. On the fourth day the bandage was removed and off with the bandage came the tumor growth. Maria was very descriptive at this
point. She described that not only did the surface part of the tumor come away, but also the tentacles or roots of the tumor came out as well (“The tumor came out of his leg and looked like an octopus,” she said). The open sore was then washed with Yerba Mansa (Anemopsis californica) tea for about a weak. The tumor never came back.

Of course, there are a lot of variables with this kind of information, but in ethnobotany, leads take us to the facts, and facts lead us t actuality.

Cebadilla is a member of the Gentian family. It is one of the most conspicuous plants in the Southwestern Mountains. It can be found growing from 5,000-10,000 feet, in very rich, moist soils. This biennial, sometimes triennial plant may reach a height of 6 feet, its pale green leaves are arranged in whorls of four and six, large and broad at the base of the plant, and becoming narrower towards the tip of the leaf.

A single up-right stalk rises out of the center of the basal leaves when the plant is in flower. The stalk is covered with greenish-white flowers with a rosette of four to six thin leaves beneath.

When collecting the roots as medicine, it is best to do this before the plant goes to flower and the stalk develops.

Swertia radiata is known by different names: Green Gentian, American Columbo, Deer’s Ears, and an older botanical
name of Frasera speciosa. When using ethnobotanical information for health concerns, always make sure you check this info with a knowledgeable health care practitioner before you proceed.

-By Michael James Cottingham
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Posted - 07/03/2015 :  06:18:47  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Gotta love the internet.

I tracked down Steven Buhner yesterday and e-mailed him. He is semi retired and is trying to lay low / take it easy on the Homeopathic / Herb related speaking engagements.

I got an automated response saying as much, he reads every e-mail and tries to respond but no guarantees.

Well he responded..

He has confirmed that he did write the info mentioned above in this post.

I asked:

You mentioned in your 20 years of practice you have never known it to fail. How many people would you estimate you personally know of that have had success with this protocol?

He answered:


I asked:

With Bloodroot paste there is a lot of pain and a lot of swelling that happens after application and it goes on for a few weeks. Does this also happen with the Swertia protocol or is this not something your patients have experienced / we need to worry about?

He answered:


I asked:

Will only the unique species swertia radiata work or will green Gentian root powder provide the same or similar results?

He answered:


This is where it gets tricky as Desert Tortoise calls it Cebadilla not Swertia Radiata... and I am seeing where Cebailla which also gets called many things is not Swertia Radiata but a different genus of the Gentian family.
To further complicate it Desert tortoise is "out of Stock" and has not responded to me yet as to when they will have it back in stock.

On their web what they are calling Cebadilla the picture is definitely the Swertia Radiata but that doesn't mean it is..

Oh well I'll find it..

One interesting note on all of this is the promotion and use of Vaseline. Gained from this site and elsewhere I have always steered clear of Vaseline as it was a petroleum product. In reading up since this posting, it seems we may have been incorrect in our assumptions that it may be a problem to use. It is actually a pretty safe substance and is poorly absorbed into the skin so it "seals off" whatever you are applying.

Well I am on a quest for Swertia Radiata powder and will report back soon..

I have been dealing with a few major BCC's on my forehead and neck for the last few years... winning and losing and going through a lot of daily pain with a myriad of topicals...... ..I am all for a one application topical magic potion that in 3 days with no pain or swelling has these darn nasty things falling out with their roots and all wam bam......and then gone for good...but, based upon all my other efforts I am, to say the least, skeptical...nevertheless extremely hopeful all my doubts are removed and I can be done with all the experimenting and pain therein.

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Posted - 07/09/2015 :  15:20:13  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I've ordered the Cebadilla from Desert Tortoise Botanicals. They say I should have the powder next week and if I am able to ( business may interfere) I will start the testing immediately.

Stephen called it Swertia Radiata
The place he recommends (Desert Tortoise Botanicals) calls it Cebadilla

When you look these up they are part of the Gentian family of plants..
So then I am looking up Gentian root powder...holy smokes..this stuff is amazing, it is a pesticide for head lice, it corrects digestive issues etc... This is what is used to make "Bitters"
The stuff has been used for 100's of years as a important herb..

It gets more convoluted..
In searching I found more names


Different herbs, different plants that all fall into the same category of bitters, lice killers..and yes sometimes cancer killers..

Well the journey through cyberspace research will continue as I await my "official herb" the alleged "only one that works" to arrive.

In the mean time I purchased some Chinese Gentian root..) Oh yeah there are at least two kinds in China too...both bitter..I was able to buy a bottle of the one and they gave me a free sample of the other..

I have tried both.. on the big daddies I have had no real luck...the sure didn't die off on the 3 days.. but I also applied to my face on AK's... I broke out pretty bad..I'm on my 4th day and things may possibly be clearing up...that would be a good thing..

I have also drank the stuff in some small doses as it is supposed to help clean the liver and gall bladder...I've done the parasite cleanse before and this stuff also kills parasites internally..

When I spoke to John at Desert Tortoise Botanicals I asked if he personally knew anyone who had cured a skin cancer with this stuff...he said no but he had heard many stories as such and has never had someone tell him it didn't work that bought it.

That makes me remain skeptical because I'd be personally thanking him and jumping up and down screaming happy if it worked for me like "they say" it does....

we'll see..
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Posted - 07/16/2015 :  06:46:54  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The Cebadilla arrives today...gulp!

I will try it on one small lesion first to see what kind of reaction I get.

In researching Cebadilla / Gentian Root / Swertia Radiata..

I am going to guess they are all from the same Gentian family of which there are hundreds of varieties.

As mentioned previously these herbs have been used in holistic medicine for 100 of years and for making bitters which are used for a myriad of things but especially in the beverage world..beers, whiskeys etc.

The gentian root is also used to kill tape worm.

I find it interesting that all of these things that are supposed to have antioxidant healing effects like grape seed extract are "Bitter"

While waiting for the "official recommended source" of Cebadilla I went to both a Chinese and Mexican Herb store..Unfortunateluy the Mexican herc store was out of their "Gentian Root powder" The Chinese herb store did not have raw Gentian root but did have a concentrated 5x granules. I soaked about a tablespoon of the granules in an equal amount of DMSO over night and it became a paste I applied it to all of my lesion and though it did not have any real effect on them it did seem to make them not so red and painful. After a day I could see I was not getting the effect that was described by Mr. Buhner so I have continued with my previous protocol that is sloooooowly ,maybe getting somewhere but definitely not "the new solution"

This all said I do believe I have come upon a new solution for pre cancers AK's.

The results in just a few days have been impressive and I believe I am reversing what was some really bad skin into nice looking skin..

My theory is that all of the skin cancers are bug related ( Candida or some other yeast or microbe) and in the case of the AK's the bugs are close enough to the surface that the toxic effect of the Gentian root is wiping them out.

I have been hitting some of theses AK's for 10 years kind of keeping them at bay with all kinds of different recipes that included the litany of orange oil, baking soda, mms, vinegar etc.
I've knocked out a few but I have to say it was starting to get pretty scary on the long term prognosis. some were getting lumpy, bigger yikes!

Well it has been about a week and I'm dialing in my protocol..there still a few spots that have me worried but overall my nose and cheeks are looking better than they have in a few years...The jury is still out and the protocol is a work in progress.

I'll report back on both the Cebadilla and the Gentian root protocol in a few weeks when I am certain I am on to something...

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Posted - 07/18/2015 :  11:58:32  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Anivoc - pictures please hopefully you have before/after on skin improvement? I know usually you are the interrogator here :) Also, do you get the AKs behind the ears like I do? (where the ear attaches to head) I have had my derm freeze them, they go away for awhile only to reappear 6 or 9 mths later. The last time apple cider vinegar morning/night for about a week knocked them down; so far its been about 2.5 mths still clear. Looking forward to hearing your results and procedure Blessings - Bill
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Posted - 07/19/2015 :  07:25:10  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Sadly based upon the first two small lesions I applied to as per their real effect after 3 days and definitely no falling out...looks like it may be a dead end.

The description of the tumor falling out was so much like what happens with bloodroot that I was optimistic we had a new tool in the fight.

There is a chance what they sent me is not the correct product.
It could be one of those second hand stories..

When I spoke to Stephen via e-mail he said he knew of people personally that it worked on...maybe they were just ak's, maybe the herb I got was not the correct herb or...maybe it's all just BS to sell books and product.

I have e-mailed both Stephen Buhner who was mentioned here in the original post and John from Desert tortoise botanical's and let them both know they now can officially say they have been told it didn't work by someone. They both told me they had never heard of it not working.

On the bright side...For sure I have found something in this recent journey that helps with sun damaged skin and the ak's that turn into more serious cancers.

Because the herb from Desert tortoise was back ordered and because Swertia radiata is part of the gentian family that all seem to have antiseptic, bug killing (worms) qualities. I bought some concentrated Gentian root of the Chinese variety of which there are two.. The one that seems to be having an effect is called Long Dan Cao and the stuff I got was granules that are a 5x concentrate.

I have done a few things..

I have made a dilution of the gentian root (Long Dan Cao) granules of about 4 to 1 with water...when it is all dissolved I rub it into / on my face and it is very soothing and seems to have an effect on the affected skin.
I have added dmso to the 4-1 watered down version about 50 /50 and applied it to problem areas. It lightly burns and turns all the sickly skin red, healthy skin stays normal.
I have made a paste first dilluting the granules 1 to 1 with water and letting it set over night to soften them into a mush then I mixed with Vaseline as a paste.
I applied the paste over the reddened areas. After a few minutes water seems to come up through the paste not sure if it is the water from the paste or body fluid but it happens. I rub it back in. After an hour or so it seems to, for lack of a better term start exfoliating skin. Is it just dead skin or is the Candida / fungus dying off...I don't know

This is all conjecture as to the why it works but for sure I am seeing significant changes in my looks much better and the little bumps and red spots here and there are shrinking ..I did take a picture of my face the second day I started this...and I have been doing this pretty much each day for a week. I am going on a week long trip and will also continue the regime.

I am not sure if I have Roseacea but I am pretty sure I do...One blotch on the left side of my nose has been bugging me for a few years now...on that spot the first few days A LOT of skin was peeling off and sometimes bleeding it has reduced significantly and seems to be getting smaller..Is it the DMSO alone or is the Gentian root juice helping I don't know but I do know the gentian root kills worms in the body ao maybe it's killing the fungus / candida / microbes whatever it is that wreaks havoc on our sun damaged skin areas..
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Posted - 08/01/2015 :  07:24:39  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I will be posting a new topic / thread in regards to this new tool in the fight against non melanoma skin cancers and AK's.

At least in my own personal use, Green Gentian root is a helpful herb for skin cancer. I have come up with a couple of ways of using it, applying it and taking it internally. Significant improvement on my sun damaged ak ridden face and arms AND it is slooooowly but surely and not painfully eating away some MAJOR nodular BCC's...not like described above where in 3 days it magically kills the tumor and it falls out with it's spider like tentaciles but definitely eating away / shrinking some very big bcc's...I am cautiously optimistic. I am taking pictures every week or so and will post when I feel appropriate.

On the Cebadilla all I can say is there are so many contradictions on which herb is "THE" herb to use I definitely do not endorse the version that desert tortoise and Steven Buhner recommended as the right one..It may work in the same way Green Gentian root ( which is what some others says is "The right herb" but I don't know... The stories of the tumors falling out in 3 days with no serious swelling or pain is certainly an ideal solution if it really exist...all I can say for sure is neither Green Gentian, Swertia radiata or Franseria radiata worked as such for me.

In researching Herbia de Cancer (a mexican medicine man concoction that kills lice and allegedly the 3 day tumor killer) I found a myriad of different names for what the magic ingredient is including the 3 above...all are considered relatively toxic and can be used to kill lice..none had an effect like described but all certainly kill bugs and I am guessing whatever the bugs ( candida whatever ) that are part of the symptoms of unhealthy sun damaged skin.

Maybe there really is an herb that we can apply and get these incredible 3 day results...It would be a God send indeed. I will continue to search and experiment to see if I can uncover and reveal the mystery plant...prayers and good vibes sent my way in my quest are appreciated.

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