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 Alone with my life on the line. Please help asap!
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Posted - 06/09/2007 :  20:18:38  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I'm 48 and almost 2 months ago I had mohs on my nose for a BCC diagnosis. I was mislead about scarring and apparently the 99% success rate because now I have a new lesion on the top of the bridge of my nose and also on my cheek. Whats worse Im now having symptoms of paranasal sinus infiltration such as a blockage on the same side as these, nosebleeds, burning pain ect.
I am going to see an ear, nose and throat doctor and a different dermatologist asap. But please try to save my life and continue this thread with a campaign that will hopefully lead to some consenses for alternative treatment for both the skin and death dealing paranasal sinus cancer since it's very likely that thats what I now have. I know this site is for skin cancer so please do some research, emailing of others who are knowledgable, and try to arrive at some consensus rather than overwhelm me with information which Im not good at sorting out, especially at this time when I really have my hands full.
I know this is a lot to ask of strangers but I have no one else to turn to and it seems that this should be the ultimate objective of a forum like this. I will be forever grateful and indebted to you all even if your many great efforts don't save my life! I can answer some questions but since time is of the essence please keep these to a minimun. If I dont reply It's because I'm just to busy or just don't know the answer but I will be logging on whenever I can. Please help and thanks from the bottom of my heart!


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Posted - 06/11/2007 :  00:59:46  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Jimboh, I would not panic at this point. You may well have more skin cancer but you can deal with that. There's lots of things that can go wrong in a sinus besides cancer. See what your docs say.
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Posted - 06/11/2007 :  07:00:26  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Sorry Jim it sounds like you are having a bad run of luck. As Dan said you may have skin cancer but you can deal with it. BCC is rarely a fatal cancer and though maybe you know something we don't, I have never read where a basal skin cancer turned into paranasal sinus cancer.
Here's a link to medically diagnosing paranasal sinus cancer.

In regards to alternative ways to overcome or stop the growth of individual bcc's in a non traditional medical way, there are several ways to approach it. At least in my own experience so far, the alternative ways can in many cases be just as effective as excision by a dermatologist. Especially if it is just a "blind removal" non-mohs method.

To date for myself Bloodroot Paste has been very effective but needs to be approached with extreme caution and care. As it was explained to me all cancers have a shield that lets them grow and co-exist in the body. When you apply Bloodroot to a tumor,the shield is broken down ( at least to some degree) and the bodies immune system attacks the intruding cancer cells. In a matter of a month or so the tumor dies and falls out. This all at a very painful and scaring price that can end up scaring a lot more skin surface than you expect when you treat. Again Very painful for a good 3 weeks of the 4 to 6 weeks it takes to expell the tumor. The down side is just as with your nose surgery. BCC's have roots that travel and sometimes you don't get all the roots. Thus another one pops up right where the old on was ( or just outside the old margins such as in your case) albeit smaller and easier to treat but back again nonetheless.

When you have a BCC it may look like it is only a 1/4" on top but just like an iceberg it can be much larger below the surface.

I posted a link to a new treatment that a New Zealand doctor is using with success using Broccoli. From the PF in the link it looks like a very promising alternative approach to overcoming BCC's and other skin cancers..maybe all cancers.

The link to that topic is here

Many of the people posting here are Christians who believe in God and in his awesome power. Aside from a bunch of non medical people pulling together to find a solution / cure for skin cancer, a powerful prayer chain is evolving from this forum. So above and beyond the information here there are also prayers going out for you and all the people suffering that post here.

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